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Personal Information

Phone: +1 (908) 327 4908 (mobile)
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Visiting Becker Scholar in Price Theory,  Department of Economics and Becker Friedman Institute, University of Chicago, (Fall 2019)
PhD, Public Policy (Economics Track) at Harvard University  (2017-2023)
MS, Applied Economics from Montana State University (2015-2017)
BS, Mathematics, Economics, and Physics from Hillsdale College (2011-2015)


Deming, D. J. & Noray, K. (2020). Earnings Dynamics, Changing Job Skills, and STEM CareersThe Quarterly Journal of Economics, 135(4), 1965–2005.
Abram, W. C., & Noray, K. (2018). Political Corruption and Public Activism: An Evolutionary Game Theoretic AnalysisDynamic Games and Applications8(1), 1-21. [Adapted from Undergraduate Thesis]

Working Papers

Police Brutality, Law Enforcement, and Crime (Submitted)

Policy Writing

Noray, K. (2021). The Labor Market Value of Character Skills. B. Orrell (Ed.). Minding our Workforce: The Role of Noncognitive Skills (1, 55-92). Washington DC: American Enterprise Institute.

Selected Research in Progress

A Signaling Theory of Cultural Differences (w/ E. Glen Weyl)
Inside the Black Box of Job Training Program Efficacy: An Analysis of Year Up (with Namrata Narain)

Selected Awards & Honors

HHS/ACF Career Pathways Grant Winner (w/ Raj Chetty & Namrata Narain) (2020-2021)
Emerging Education Scholar, AEI and Fordham Institute (2019-2020)
Price Theory Scholar, BFI at the University of Chicago (Fall 2019)
Emergent Ventures Grant Winner (w/ Savannah Noray) (2019-2020)
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Research Scholar (2018-2023)
PhD Scholar, Inequality & Social Policy Program at Harvard University (2018-2023)
Terence M. Considine Fellowship in Law and Economics, Harvard University (2018-2019)
University of Chicago Becker Friedman Institute Price Theory Summer Camp (2018)
Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Prize Fellowship (2017-2019)
IHS Humane Studies Fellowship (2017-2020)