Published/Forthcoming Articles

Earnings Dynamics, Changing Job Skills, and STEM Careers (with David Deming). The Quarterly Journal of Economics 135.4 (2020): 1965-2005.

Working Papers

The Indirect Consequences of Police Brutality: Evidence from Chicago (New Draft Coming Soon…Hopefully)

Research in Progress

Occupational Sorting, Culture, and the Rising Demand for Social Skills (with Savannah Noray)

Why do Effective Job Training Programs Work? Evidence from Year Up (with Namrata Narain)

A Signaling Theory of Cultural Differences (with E. Glen Weyl)

Policy Writing

The Labor Market Value of Non-Cognitive Skills: A Policy-Oriented Review of the Literature (forthcoming in an AEI edited volume)

Pre-PhD Publications

Abram, W. C., & Noray, K. (2018). Political Corruption and Public Activism: An Evolutionary Game-Theoretic Analysis. Dynamic Games and Applications8(1), 1-21. [Adapted from Kadeem’s undergraduate thesis]