Earnings Dynamics, Changing Job Skills, and STEM Careers (with David Deming). The Quarterly Journal of Economics 135.4 (2020): 1965-2005.

Working Papers

Systemic Disadvantage and the Rise of Team-Based Work (with Savannah Noray)[Draft Coming Soon]

Police Brutality, Law Enforcement, and Crime: Evidence from Chicago (Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Urban Economics)

Research in Progress

Diverse Talent Selection: Evidence from the Rise Program

Who Does Sectoral Job Training Benefit and Why? Evidence from Year Up (with Namrata Narain)

Policy Writing

Noray, K. (2021). The Labor Market Value of Character Skills. B. Orrell (Ed.). Minding our Workforce: The Role of Noncognitive Skills (1, 55-92). Washington DC: American Enterprise Institute.

Pre-PhD Publications

Abram, W. C., & Noray, K. (2018). Political Corruption and Public Activism: An Evolutionary Game-Theoretic AnalysisDynamic Games and Applications8(1), 1-21. [Adapted from Kadeem’s undergraduate thesis]