Published/Forthcoming Articles

Earnings Dynamics, Changing Job Skills, and STEM Careers (with David Deming)

Working Papers

The Impact of Police Brutality on Local Crime Rates: Evidence from Chicago (New Draft Coming Soon)

Research in Progress

Occupational Sorting, Culture, and the Rising Demand for Social Skills (with Savannah Noray)

Diamonds in the Rough: Using Community Information to Target High Value-Added Students (with Savannah Noray)

Why do Effective Job Training Programs Work? Evidence from Year Up (with Namrata Narain)

A Signaling Theory of Cultural Differences (with E. Glen Weyl)

Policy Writing

The Labor Market Value of Non-Cognitive Skills: A Policy-Oriented Review of the Literature (forthcoming in an AEI edited volume)

Pre-PhD Publications

Abram, W. C., & Noray, K. (2018). Political Corruption and Public Activism: An Evolutionary Game-Theoretic Analysis. Dynamic Games and Applications8(1), 1-21. [Adapted from Kadeem’s undergraduate thesis]